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Urban Paradise Guild (UPG) has grown a lot in the past seven years, and we need to update how we communicate with others about the values that UPG brings to the community.  Please help us understand your perspectives on UPG. 

What you think is very important to us. This should take under 5 minutes.
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Your answers will helps us build a great brand for UPG. One that is strong and memorable for all people who care about Miami's future. 

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Your thoughts on UPG

What first caught your attention about UPG?

How did you notice or hear about us?
{{answer_14796123}}, what do you perceive UPG’s core values to be?

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Or that you would like to see describe UPG.
What other non-profits would you compare with UPG? (local, national or international)

Please let us know why you would associate these other groups with UPG?
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